Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective treatment of a wide range of mental and emotional conditions. By accessing your subconscious mind you are able to make positive and lasting change in your life.

There are some areas in life where rewiring the non-conscious is the only way. Using evidence based programs that combine strategic psychotherapy and hypnosis and powerful change psychology you can create remarkable levels of change. Below are some of the areas we can work on.

Stress & Anxiety

Break the habit of letting go of all the things that no longer serve you.

Weight Loss

Allow hypnosis to help you discover that you have more control over how you act and think than you ever thought possible.

Business Mindset

Re-Light Your Entrepreneur Fire With The Power Of Hypnosis


Relationship hypnosis deals with the relationships you have with your partner or work colleague.


By resolving the issues that might be causing the insomnia you will look forward to sleep again.

It doesn’t matter where you’re located: all you need is an internet connection with camera support. I offer hypnosis sessions via Zoom or in person in Canberra.

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