Hi, I’m Claire Golding

My role is to allow you to establish, engage in and achieve meaningful goals by incorporating powerful solution-focused frameworks and techniques so you can achieve your best life.

  • My programs allow my clients to:
    Reconnect their planning actions and their self-conscious thinking, reprogramming them for success and creating powerful internal foundations so they are able to see what life really has to offer when they step into their brilliance, a place to thrive
  • Improve their actions and performance of tasks effortlessly, creating clear thoughts, framing positive emotions and enabling strong, empowered actions, allowing you to achieve your potential and lead a life of fulfillment.
  • Recreate a shift in their attention back to what can help them accomplish what they want to accomplish and experience what they want to experience.
  • A proven method to manage your internal state, that is to say, how you feel inside. This is crucial to help you stay resourceful during stressful times. These could be in your personal or professional life, and it gives you a high degree of behavioural flexibility and agility in difficult situations.

I know my stuff! After 25 years in human resources and executive search, I wanted to help individuals, not just organisations. My approach is to focus on what’s GREAT about you, rather than what’s WRONG with you.  I want to make sure that the insights you have are really embedded and so I also use strategic psychotherapy and modern Eriksonian hypnosis. Nothing is scripted – every session is individualised. It is highly permissive, co-created and has a proven success rate.

Together, we’re going to get that part of your mind that has
been holding you back to stop, change sides, and begin working with you
powerfully – to free you to create the future you want.