I’m Claire Golding

Are you dreading going to work every day and battling with ongoing politics?

Are you wondering whether to stay in your current job or leave because it’s getting that bad?

Would you like to feel more in control in your workplace, feel less stressed and create more clarity about your pathway?

I’m Claire Golding, and I know what in-house politics is like. I’ve struggled with the overlap of work and personal life.  As a senior manager myself I’ve been there! 

Through my unique elixir of multiple modalities, I’m able to help you de-stress, build resilience and work life balance, navigate your way out of tricky politics, so you can go to work, feeling happy again.

It’s not just about increasing your confidence, although we are going to increase your confidence.  It’s about changing your entire emotional mind connection with confidence and decision making so that you back yourself every time. 

Together, we’re going to get that part of your mind that has been holding you back to stop, change sides, and begin working with you powerfully – to free you to create the future you want.

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