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Helping Stressed Out Professionals Take Back Control

Whether you're battling anxiety or feel like you're stuck or self-sabotaging, I help you navigate your way out of stress and rediscover your direction, so you can plan your next move with clarity in as little as one month.

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Sevilay Yangin
Sevilay YanginRegional HR Director Turkey, West Asia, Levant - Medtronic

Claire is a gifted coach with strong presence and analytical approach, she can adapt her style and tools according to the needs of her client. She is in the moment, able to listen and ask the right questions, offers her ability to use various tools and support creating solutions and ideas. She has an eloquent way of sharing her experience with the client.

Julie Rice
Julie RiceHypnotic Health - Sydney

Claire Golding is a wise and experienced coach. She coached me through a trying and difficult time and helped me to make decisions that have helped me to value myself and my abilities.
I laughed and cried during our time together and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with Claire. I would happily recommend her to anyone who wants to make changes to their life.”

Tony MurrayOperations Manager, Council of Rural Research & Development Corporations

I contacted Claire after a significant period of not being able to find value in my job and my life. It was difficult to come to work and even more difficult to find motivation outside of work. Yet, Claire’s approach enabled me to look critically and sympathetically at the drivers of these feelings. I started from a very low base, wanting only to be able to make decisions about my career and life based on logic, not fear.
Her H.O.P.E. program has given me so much more. Yes, it was challenging, but I have moved from resentment, fear, and discontent to a place of confidence, certainty and hope.

Angela KCanberra

She was just what I needed! A life coach to chat to about my concerns, my regrets and my dreams!  She questioned me and then she brought the same concerns, regrets and dreams in a different perspective.  I grew in the process. She helped get me onto the road of self-discovery and confidently become an amazing role model to my children. 
After finishing up with Claire a dream job came up. I applied, I prepared a resume and went to the interview. After 1 hour, I got the position. I was ecstatic! I did it! It was the best feeling of achievement in a long time and I did it by myself. 
As I look through my notes that I took at our meetings almost one year ago, the coaching sessions seem like yesterday. Claire will make you realise your true potential and I can assure you, you will find the answers you are looking for with the added benefit of discovering your inner happiness, confidence and direction in life.
“There is no failure, there is only Feedback.” Thomas Eddison 
One of many quotes, hints and tips she provides you on your journey.

Packages I Offer

I’m so glad you landed on this page.
Now more than ever, it is my deepest commitment to help you to reconnect, recreate, recalibrate your mind, because I believe, Life – it’s all in the mind.

Maximise – For Business Owners

Re-ignite your passion for your business. We work to reconnect you to your vision and maximise your performance and productivity.

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H.O.P.E. – A Real-World Approach For Individuals

Let’s reprogram your mind from the old pattern of self- sabotage to self-fulfilment, a true filter of grace rather than a filter of pain.

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Unhindered – For High-Performance Individuals With A Desire To Excel

In this program, we work together using systems and strategies specific to your individual needs so we are able to move you into enhancing your own performance.

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